MGA Individual Match Play 2022-09-04


MGA Individual Match Play for 2022-09-04

MGA Individual Match Play
Entry Deadline: September 1st
The Bracket will be set on September 3rd
1st round matches start the week of September 4th

  • Singles matches. Each player will receive 90% of their handicap based on the September 1st GHIN handicap revision throughout the event. All strokes will be dotted off the low in the group.
  • USGA Rules Apply
  • Play will be from the Blue or White tees. No Red tee option.
  • Optional play from the White tees. (50% of GHIN scores from white tees)
  • You must play the same set of tees throughout the event.
  • 64 player bracket. If we do not fill the entire bracket, 1st round byes will be drawn randomly.
  • The bracket will be drawn based on player handicap index. Lower handicap index players in the top part of the bracket all the way down to the higher handicap index players in the bottom of the bracket.
  • No consolation bracket. Lose and you’re out.
  • Matches must be completed by the following dates for each round. If a match is not completed by the round deadline, the golf shop will assign a date and tee time to both players to play the match. If both players don’t play the assigned match, a coin flip will decide the match.
    • 1st round matches completed on 9/11/2022
    • 2nd round matches must be completed by 9/25/2022
    • 3rd round matches must be completed by 10/9/2022
    • 4th round matches must be completed by 10/23/2022
    • 5th round matches must be completed by 11/6/2022
    • Final match must be completed by 11/20/2022

Local Rules:

  • Burned out areas are played as ground under repair. Find nearest point of relief no nearer to the hole, take one club length and drop.
  • Local rule for ball out of bounds or lost is NOT in effect.
  • Line of play relief for greenside sprinkler heads. The sprinkler head must be within two club lengths of the green and you ball is within two club lengths of the sprinkler head in closely mown areas only.

No entry fee!!!
No cart fees each match!!!
Win 1st match - $40.00
Win 2nd match - $60.00
Win 3rd match - $80.00
Win 4th match - $100.00
Win 5th match - $500.00
Champion - $1000.00
*Pro Shop Credit

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