CGA 2 Person Shamble Sunday, March 12, 2023


CGA 2 Person Shamble for Sunday, March 12, 2023

CGA 2-Person Shamble
March 12th, 2022
Shamble Format: There will be one Team score. Each player will hit from the Tee box, then the team will decide which tee shot they like best. That spot will be marked, and each player will hit within a club-length of the mark, no closer to the hole. Each player will then play their own ball in from there till you finish the hole. The team score will be the best NET score in the group. 
*Must use 2 tee shots from each player in the group*
Men 59 and under - Blue Tees
 Men 60 and older - White Tees 
Men 70 and older - Red Tees
Women- Red Tees
Mark gross scores on the score card and in golf genius.
Pace of play is located on the bottom row of your scorecard.
USGA Rules Apply
14 Club Limit
Local Rules:

  • Burned out areas are played as ground under repair. Find nearest point of relief no nearer to the hole, take one club length and drop.
    • Ball out of bounds – Take the point where your ball crossed out of bounds over to the fairway, no closer to the hole. Take one club length in the fairway and drop, lying 3, hitting 4th shot.
    • Line of play relief for greenside sprinkler heads. The sprinkler head must be within two club lengths of the green and you ball is within two club lengths of the sprinkler head in closely mown areas only.

GGID# is located in the bottom right hand corner of the scorecard. Designate one player in each group to enter gross team score each hole in the Golf Genius App.
$10.00 cash per Couple + cart
Scoring is on the patio following play.

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